The grand plan and his private life

One of the things that intrigued me was why, first thing when he came back here, he was not looking for his parents and sister. Instead, while still on his way to the planet, C was busy telepathically searching for boys to help him in his grand plan to change the world he had not lived in since childhood. Where was his family included in all this, and did he not try or could he not find out even from a distance what happened to them, as he knew how to find us?
One possible answer I answered to myself, is that the condition that the outsiders, who do not tend to return those taken from here for a long time and a long distance, allowed him to return, was that he would first deal with finding allies and assistants to the plan that was actually their plan, through it they sought to net the planet and thus turn it into a recruite reservoir for their war in the "Federation".
Only when he returned to Israel for the second time, after we met again, in 1986, did C begin to tell at length about his family, whose fate he tried to find in 1979 in Ecuador, after receiving information from the state government, which he did not believe. In these conversations he himself gave an answer to a question also asked by other people, and said that since he was sworn in for the purposes of the Order of the "Bright Ray Warriors" and his comrades, and underwent a process called "Lindigra" (change) he lived in a mode (To which his life in the "Order" also accustomed him) in which there is no room for privacy, and your personal desires do not play a role. You live for some rule, a cosmic rule, and only a bunch with whom you swear an oath of allegiance has value for you. This is how he worked with us, as a group designed to help the external goal of his comrades, the great plan they had to take over the "Federation" and run it more justly. And when he returned to the planet he was all still in it. But even before 1986 he already realized that his outside friends would not complete the big plan because they failed in their attempt to take over the "Federation" (but someone else stole their plan and he is not by our side), then began to think differently about things, and to see his private life. But the longing and admiration for something else, greater than us and greater than private life, which is far from here, has not yet left him.

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