The time relay component

The time relay component in the machine, which sent us to alternative history, is in this clock, which was in Elton's house from the gang that installed it behind the pendulum. As you can see, the pendulum twisted a bit at the launch stage (and you can know exactly the time) so the machine did not operate, or sent us, just us, to a parallel universe where things did operate. The curvature of the pendulum, C told us, is the point at which events meet and are possible to exist simultaneously.

From one side of the point, a short circuit disabled the relay and rendered it and the entire system on all its parts useless. On the other hand, the energetic blast released from the dimension of Time-Possible made the holders of the machine the rulers of the world within a minute, but also tossed the time relay component, with which one could turn the wheel back and cancel the alternative history, for a huge distance and could not find it, or in fact We forgot about its existence until we reached the Greek island and heard that Elton had found it, all of a sudden.

The time relay component

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