Interplanetary Federation (2)

Originally published on 12/5/2007

Chapa's studies at the School of Galactic Wisdom were terminated prematurely.
Wars that are never enough even in that secret-hiding depth of the universe, reached as far as the systems where the school is located, and someone in the federation's management apparatus decided that students and teachers of the school, who had hitherto been exempt from conscription for the wars, would also be recruited.
Chapa was actually happy to enlist, and together with his senior teacher, who was also the head of the research team in the spacecraft that abducted him from Earth, joined the Order of the Bright Ray Warriors ***, an order whose main function, both in times of war and in quiet days, is to release prisoners. This is also a craft that is never enough.

One day, Chapa saved from a death trap one captive creature, which resembled a vibrating blue spider and was revealed to be the arm commander of one of the galaxy's segments – a role that means responsibility for the safety of close to 100,000 solar systems. The creature, which was itself a graduate of the Order of the Bright Ray Warriors, teamed Chapa and his friends into his team, and they became very close friends, with friendships that few humans on Earth know as well. Chapa learned that the creature, like him, had studied at the School of Galactic Wisdom and had not completed his studies because of the wars. They both had, in fact, the same summary work left to complete their studies.

The Blue Creatur and his comrades had their own opinion on the conduct of the central government in the Federation, which did not provide sufficient support to their sector at the time the war came to it, and did not at all give the sector residents the representation they deserved in its institutions.
When Chapa and the Blue completed the journey that was actually their academic summary work, they parted ways. The blue traveled with his comrades straight to the systems of the center of power. Many troops joined them on the way, and Chapa who saw the troops joining, realized that they were going to carry out a coup there. Chapa, on the other hand, had plans of his own to use the vast knowledge he had acquired for changes in his native planet, Earth. He decided it was time to carry out his plans, and told The Blue about it, asking him for permission to return home. The Blue greeted him on his way, assuring him that when he was in control, he would send him a force to help him. This is how Chapa came to us, to the bunch of boys from the smash-hit parade.
Chapa, building on The Blue's promise of power, with no doubt that he would indeed become the ruler of the galaxy, would communicate with us many more months before he arrived, via the telepathic internet **** (a concept we could not imagine in those days), and instructed us what to do so that the world is already ready for changes as much as possible before its arrival and the arrival of power. Among other things, he taught us what to do to make the telepathic Internet work regularly.

*** The Bright Ray Wariors and their teaching
**** The telepathic internet


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