Sheriot B 3

To the rest and to inheritance who comes
When they, outside, are arranged to knock you to bleeding
Who, do you think, is gonna leave you
Where do you think you have landed.
You're gonna have no choise but the artist's insanity.

I would want to love you
beyond everything.
Let run away from courts of kings,
feasts where they take the poor man's lamb
Run away from everything they want to know
To a land of our own.

To go to you in spite of decisions
In spite of what they'd already fixed, at councils
Protocols never to be writen on paper.
We have a place right here, right now
Of their anger and of their fury.

You're searching for me
You're not lost in space.
I can see you
I'm your god, your guide
Don't let go
I'll reach to you
Whether they like it or not.
They're looking with faces not understand,
Sealed faces without utterance.
But their eyes are breathing out
Arrows of jeering.

Let the pink smoke cover up your eyes.
They want you in their bed.
Hunt you, with this jeering
The evil's, the coward's wreapon.
My arrows are sharper than that,
For my arrows are created from the universe.

פורסם על ידי הצועד בנעליו In-his-shoes walker

extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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