Star of Bethlehem Road

The reason I was not taken to the army was the fear that I would invent a new religion, and more. My membership in the Guide C group and the alien knowledge I "distributed" helped for it, even though others had alien knowledge too and at one point everyone around me was member in something. But I was the main one talking about it.
Someone had to have me under supervision, and without military service in Israel at that time it was difficult then to move forward, move away from the place and influence people.
The fact that the time of occurrence was after the rise of the conservative, destructive and paranoid right-wing rule could have an effect on it.
Not all my life I have been preoccupied with the alien knowledge of C, most of my life I have wanted to be a poet and philosopher, and a philosopher is one who examines every "knowledge" in his rational mind, asks why and does not accept anything as "Torah from Sinai". And I did not find then a rational place for the knowledge of the aliens, since I did not know how to prove it, to reconstruct it alone. (It does not matter that for a large part of the right, even a thinking person is an alien). But in the end, what happens on Earth is dictated by things outside and even, and especially, if we believe that humans can and should be free, we need to know them and recognize obstacles that C knew something about, more than most people know.
And on a personal level, I continued to receive at the crossroads of my life "greetings" from those who feared then that I had founded a new religion. I wonder what they are really afraid of.

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