C's science book ספר המדע של חפא


חפא worked for years on writing a book, a "science book" he called it. His partner Anna, who was a 'scientific secretary' in Chernobyl before escaping to the West, a year before the reactor disaster, helped him. After their separation in 2004, he did not talk about the book anymore, but he hinted that the drafts remained with her (I think that she lives now in Canada). The book is designed to make the science that חפא studied at the school of galactic intelligence accessible to the language of science known on Earth.

He had a number of difficulties to write this book, first of all his 'reading dyslexia' which he got in his 'Lindigra' in space, which also made it difficult for him to write, and beyond that there were barriers of language. Not only the fact that חפא knew mostly Hebrew and a little Spanish, and Anna spoke Russian, and knew a little English, and since this included scientific English (some of the participants of the lectures thought, at least in the years of the 'glaznost', that Anna was actually a spy), most of the drafts of the book were written in this language. But these were not the only language barriers that חפא faced.The main difficulty he faced was to find a match between the concepts he acquired in the galactic intelligence higher school and the concepts of the physics of the Earthlings, and it was not easy at all. 

Because of the huge gaps in time and experience, between the physics of the galactic intelligence, which was developed over billions of years and was based on extensive cosmic knowledge accumulated over these billions of years from different worlds, and brought with it its own system of concepts, and the young physics developed at a point on Earth, a point in space that most of its inhabitants did not leave, and knew very little about the universe, at least 30-40 years ago, and had her own concepts. And of course the fact that cosmic knowledge was stored and built by beings whose systems of absorption and perception, even if they belonged to the extended 'adamic family', are different, even very different, from that of the adamics on earth.

It was about completely two different languages.

It had to be "casting from one tool set, ancient, to a completely different set of tools", as חפא said. Therefore, he had to make clear cosmic physics concepts that were created at stages that humanity on Earth had not yet reached, but he also had to update his own concepts, from where the 'local' physics had reached. חפא was looking for the points of compatibility, the connection between the two physics, and for that he had to study the concepts of the Earthling physics, and for one who studied at the school of galactic reason, it was like returning from the position of a professor, to first grade studies. even much more than that.

But חפא made an effort. He listened to broadcast lectures of the Open University (he was unable to read books or written material at all), and Anna also helped him, and sometimes also friends who read books to him, I read him chapters from 'A Brief History of Time' and 'Until the Sun Dies'.

One point of difference between mundane science and חפא's form of study is that mundane science, like the Greek philosophy with which it grew since the time of the pre-Socratic philosophers, separates research from myth. Galactic science may also have followed this path at different stages of its history, but חפא's teachings embodied myths, which he treated as truth, almost axiomatic truth.

And the founding myth in his teaching, is undoubtedly the myth of the Tamket people who were thrown into a black hole (if indeed this is the correct translation of what חפא talked about, and I assume it is. Here I must humbly comment that I was the first to propose this concept as translation, during the first group period, from what I learned at that time in class in physics class at the teacher Yaffa) and in their exit from the black hole they laid the foundation for the first Adamic species to break out of their solar system, which was close to that black hole, and their overcoming of the crocodile lords. All the times חפא repeated the story, in the days of the first group and in the lecture groups of the following years, he was asked to explain how the ancient event of crossing the black hole by Tamket and his people could have happened.

One of חפא's explanations was, to use his own words, that in fact after the rulers threw Tamket and his people into the black hole, the black hole threw them back from it, חפא didn't know to explain why it happened, ("but it could be something in the spaceship's matter") with a power that exceeded many times the power with which they were thrown, which turned them, as he defined, into 'photons of light faster than light', that is, light that is faster than itself. That speed, prevented them from disintegrating and also prevented them from dying, although they ceased to be solid, in fact, as far as the universe was concerned, they were non-existent, "flowing zero" or "non-existent charge". "And then they were incorporeal, and then, as their speed slowed down and approached the speed of normal light, they became a charge with a density that gradually increased, until they dropped below the threshold of the speed of light, and the charge they were, returned to what it was before they were thrown. They re-embodied." On this description, by the way, I based the story of our transformation into lightning on the way back to Earth, at the end of the first part of the alternative history and our return to body form at the beginning of the second part.

This event was the basis for the ways of bypassing the speed of light in which the spaceships have moved since then – mainly the 'universe cancellation' that he himself went through in his body, and also to all the 'jumps' – the main tool by which they bypass the speed of light in the Federation, and in which חפא and "the stolen" Stoli used in the last journey. How exactly all things were based on Temakt's 'throwing' from the black hole, חפא could not find an  accessible to our language explanation.

חפא said that in his opinion, when Tamket and his people returned from the black hole, they actually 'erased the time' of the part they passed through them before being thrown into the black hole, returning to a point in their past where they could 're-edit' their lives. Just like what happened to "Ariel and Myrta", חפא's first friends who were kidnapped with him and returned to Earth before him, and חפא also believed that, just like them, Tamket's people were not really returned to the same point in space and time from which they were thrown, but to something that perhaps had characteristics of that point- period, and yet it was a new universe, and he too, so he sometimes feels, did not return to the same world from which he was abducted but to 'another world of the same kind but not exactly' world that is very similar to him but not the same. And it is very possible, חפא said, that this happens in some way to everyone, to all those who fly.

But I feel sometimes, that same things happened to me too, without even moving from my place.

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