The alternative history (part I, II): Epilogue / We glided over the waves


  Originally written at March 5, 2006, about the alternative History line between 1992-95 

The lightning made available to us by The Blue, the leader of the galactic rebellion, was in our hands, ready to wear.
When the ceremony ends here, with the handshakes and farewell rubs with our galactic allies in The Blue forces, we will wear the lightning bolts, with which we will be fired back into the galaxy.
In a fraction of a second we will pass back through a distance that took us years (who knew how many) to make to reach this far. We will unite with the lightning. We will become lightning ourselves when we penetrate into the heart of the galaxy, as part of the final attack on the dark forces that took the galaxy from us.
חפא will stand at the end of the leading lightning structure. He will give the order, and guide us where to go.
I hold my wearable gloss, wondering if I should measure it first. Standing next to me, with their lightning bolts, are Zvi, Alva and "the stolen" Stoli. Zvi asks me if I think חפא will land us again on Earth, or somewhere else in the galaxy. I told him that to a large extent it depends on our will. חפא knows us best.
A small, green and bouncy creature approaches us. Did he lose his galaxy too? No, he's just a trickster pretending to be. There are many of them here. We ignore him.Suddenly I notice my watch. This is a watch I got for my birthday the year the alternative history started (which at this point we all know it's alternative but we don't care), and it has been stopped since the dark forces took over Earth, yet it has remained on my hand all these years. Now it is walking again. I wonder when it started walking again. The date on the watch – the !5/3 – exactly like the day it all started.
For a moment I thought if the 5/3 to which we will return, is in the continuation of the history in this story, which was caused by the malfunction that threw us into "possible time", or if, like חפא's friends before, we will go back in time to that exact day in 1977, and all the history we have lived in since then will be erased, as if wasn't there at all? Isn't that what the date on the watch says?
And maybe this means that we are about to land in another, completely new, alternative history?

We glided over the waves

  Based on posts originally written at June 14June 21, June 28 2006, about the alternative History line between 1992-95 

Like them, we slowed down, the closer we got to the strip where the water became browner, even before the lumps of iron, concrete and muddy soil started to mix between. But we still had the energy to go on.

Only an hour ago, we were lightning, cosmic lightning that came out at a speed higher than the speed of light from the place where the jump order was given, outside the galaxy. חפא gave it, after we met again in the desert planet, after a very long journey that each member of the group made alone.

Now the group split up again. חפא once again scattered us to the parts of the world, after establishing the new world headquarters in that Greek village, Zografiai, or rather what survived from the island on which was the village where חפא spent the last year of his childhood with his family, before they went to equador, before he was kidnapped.

And again I was on my way to Israel, but not alone this time, and not weak. I had three others with me, and we were energized, equipped with everything necessary, trained in all the techniques of dealing with the galactic darkness and its servants, who still rule this region of the solar system. Not for long, we hope.

The water below us felt more and more adrift, as it became shallower. If we didn't have the galactic acceleration energy pushing us on the back, we would have undoubtedly drowned in the eddies that were there, but mostly we had to be careful not to collide with the pieces of concrete and iron. This didn't tell us anything yet.

with me, over the water, glided-ran my old friends "The stolen" Stoli and Zvi, and a new friend, Alva, Zvi's girlfriend whom he knew in Jerusalem where he arrived after the breakup of the group. After Stoli brought me in a spaceship to the meeting-planet, he returned to Earth to pick up Zvi, then picked her up as well. She was the newest member of the group, but learned things very quickly, including turning the auras off and on, which perhaps will be the most important thing here later. We splashed water on each other, happy for the feeling of the body returning to us, Stoli and I laughted on Zvi and Alva, the nice couple, and everyone again made fun of me for the fact that for so many months I didn't notice that the guys turned off the aura and I didn't know they were around me. I 'spoiled' "the stolen" Stoli's songs while changing their words and hoped they will quickly send me the telepathic guitar I left in the planet.

I debated whether to leave the lable "21" on my forehead, or find at the first opportunity a plastic surgeon to remove it.

And then when the "stolen" told me that such a surgeon might not be found so soon, I suddenly realized that there are many more things that I will not find, soon or ever.

"The stolen Stoli" said that we will save the water, because we will still enter the camp in the form of steam from the sea.
Our first objective is to team up with Ricardo and his men, who were co-leaders of the first "Labled" Rebellion, and are now imprisoned in Camp of Latrun, near where the endless mud ends and a walkable coastline begins.


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