Telepathic Internet

A cosmic repository of words
You pick up and invent them at the same time. (7/2/07)

unnamed 11/08/2007
Written on the Telepathy Day evening 2007
Telepathic internet is built of [connecting] between complex ‘brain’ activities through a line of similarity between them.
And the action of a computer is such an action.
And telepathic activities also happen through the regular internet.

In the telepathic Internet, the common code of complex 'brain' activities performed by different sources that bear a resemblance in the nature of their brain activity has been deciphered.
This definition may apply to all creatures of the universe.
Complex-organized brain activity can also take place on a one-time basis, for example while disintegrating of some galactic substances. But the one who "invented" the total telepathic Internet – that is, discovered – located the knowledge that consists of the echoes together with the "code" – the cracking-decoding – "the language that connects them" – was the first government to reach the level of systemacy. Or rather, the high-tech slaves of the same government.
(It was preceded by adjacy [proximity]-telepathies created between creatures in common situations – the same adjacy telepathy that can form between a human and a cat, and also between 'humans' (mammals?) And 'aliens' (reptiles? Inorganic?) in the masters' farm from which Prometheus /Tamket grew, and also telepathies between members of the same biologic sex. There were such proximity-telepathies in Schools too [it is believed that to distant schools like Darius Gaius or Maharart – students came through the TI – from a distance – but apparently these were same-biologic-sex telepathies and it is not clear when exactly it really was])

It "invented" the language for his purposes – more efficient recruitment of many employees, control and management of them. The "creatures of the universe" did not surf the telepathic Internet – and did not talk to each other – freely.
The speech was of the government – who managed to hold many armies of creatures that were more 'developed' than birds and cattle – to them. Through language he gave orders, and kept "divide and rule." This created 'farms' of subjects who did not know each other.
Until one time, creatures took control of the telepathic internet.

Loyal Nedgorerian 11/08/2007

Such a time is PLANET N time, in which ‘our class’ has gained control.
There was a place where they were gathered, they had knowledge of the telepathic high-tech of that time – and they used tools that in the universe they are known, and made for inter worlds channeling and inter worlds transing – that for Earthian people they are usually locked. When we said ‘we meet on N’ we actually said – ‘we lend a certain mass-part from our space in space and time – to the space of N -‘ distant star ’- the traffic laws there where less densed, a site where the surfing laws are flexible – information can be passed there
that on other sites 'they will disturb us' – whoever they will be. And totally – there is no difference between 'in our body' and 'in our soul' – there is a place where it dissolves. [They invented the zoom.
Telepathic zoom. 20/12/20]
The tools for distant speech were present, and there were types of people and others whose specialty was to use different forms of these tools. Shamans, dreamers, communicators – everyone uses the telepathic internet that exists – usually it is a 'proximity-telepathy' internet between humans and perhaps creatures-entities that are close to and grow near their worlds – it is the 'natural internet' that existed in the creatures use before the authorities-systems developed the systemic codes [that exist in the creatures' use regardless of the 'systemic internet' that is a later development].
Whoever came to N knew advanced knowledge of such tools, or ways of 'network hacking', and their common interest was to hold the means of operation of these tools, They were creatures at a similar being stage and a similar history of enslavement under the masters, and also similar dialects of telepathic language. Many creatures have gone through a similar history in ways that we can not imagine. Everything in the history and human ethnography of the earth has parallel lines in the trails that it was enabled seeing them , it would probably look something like long tails of duplicates, duplicates of life, which probably also pass through planets that are not in 'Goldilocks zones'.
Life is something that creates itself as a purpose – and it also evolutionarily arranges appropriate worlds for it, in all sorts of forms and variations. There is no other way to describe it.

unnamed 11/08/2007

שְׂפַת אֵלִים חֲרִישִׁית יֵשׁ, לְשׁוֹן חֲשָׁאִים,
לֹא-קוֹל וְלֹא הֲבָרָה לָהּ אַךְ גַּוְנֵי גְוָנִים;
וּקְסָמִים לָהּ וּתְמוּנוֹת הוֹד וּצְבָא חֶזְיוֹנוֹת,
בְּלָשׁוֹן זוֹ יִתְוַדַּע אֵל לִבְחִירֵי רוּחוֹ,
וּבָהּ יְהַרְהֵר שַׂר הָעוֹלָם אֶת-הִרְהוּרָיו,
וְיוֹצֵר אָמָן יִגְלֹם בָּהּ הֲגִיג לְבָבוֹ
וּמָצָא פִתְרוֹן בָּהּ לַחֲלוֹם לֹא הָגוּי;
(ח.נ. ביאליק, הבריכה 1905)

There is a silent language of the gods, a tongue of the secret,
No voice and no pronucation for it but shades of shades;
And magics it has and images of magnificence and visions array,
In this language God will become acquainted with the ones chosen of his spirit,
And in it the Lord of the world will meditate his meditations,
And an artist will embody what his heart has meditated on
And found a solution in it for an unthought dream;
(H.N. Bialik, 'The Pond' 1905)

The language Bialik speaks of in 'The pond' is perhaps the language of silent speech – the language of the universe that preceded speech, and perhaps precedes society and government. This is not the common telepathy of the Telepathic Internet – perhaps it is the previous language – the 'telepathy of the creation ray / bright ray' language which is rarer to achieve in the Telepathic Internet – the language of life-creating cognition, which in any case preceded bio-physical-evolutionary-cognitive processes – slow or flashy – that make up the thought – and give birth to the language of speech – vocal, telepathic, computer.
A language before biology, before time and the black holes -the DNA engineers, a language before the big bang – the highest language the poet received.

In the cosmic telepathic internet, the transmitted information has levels by dense density.
In one line, there is low-density information, and thick-density information.
The time it takes for the first type of information to pass between two points in the universe is time 0, and it is possible that most of the cruises reported in time N are actually transfers of this type of information, which is pictorial, experiential and sensory information, but not in thick density.
In order to transmit information of the thick type, one need a universe-abolition or 'Super-Space'.

In-his-shoes walker
The answer to the question of whether even in 'Super-Space' you leave behind a duplicate is yes.

Somewhen, has been set a "wall" – beyond which most of of the cosmic telepathic-mental world is imprisoned – ie "The Space".
Beyond this wall were us, and in front of us were the world 'brains' and Real Research.
By the way, even in the psychiatric hospitals there was a preoccupation with the study of the mental-cosmic internet, the places also served as a means of warning to those who surfed this internet too much, i.e. without permission, and like everything else, also as a political tool. The mental is the political.
The being of "state" unites the universe, radiating a cosmic vision, which is completely different from the being of "out of state" (which corresponds to "ordinary time" as "state" corresponds to "out ordinary time" although these are not only different forms of expression but also descriptions for other functions).
"Out of state" divides everything into local, realistic and political translations. This condition is a convenient arrangement for 'brains' and Real Research because it completely hides them. Some of the functions of the 'brains' /Real Research are indeed entrusted, in "out of state" or so-called "intermediate states" in the hands of local bodies, and the entrust is always temporary.

פורסם על ידי הצועד בנעליו In-his-shoes walker

extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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