Dropouts' (encyclopedic entry)

Originally posted 19/3/2007

Dropouts' are those that have undergone a dropouting process, and are divided into two general categories:

dropout's (active) or seemingly voluntary: the participants in their dropouting process and even interested in it, when often they are actually manipulated into it by the feeling given to them that things are done of their choice. This category may include those who are commonly referred to as dodgers or abstainers or refusers.

Involuntary dropouts: dropouts that do not cooperate with their dropouting process, some of which cannot be recruited due to poor health, some beeing dropout for bureaucratic reasons such as manpower surplus, or belonging to unwanted groups (such as "low IBA" groups) or Unwanted minorities (such as Arabs), unacceptable political positions at a given time, or a complex or unusual personal character that the military is afraid to take responsibility for dealing with. In short, all those for whom there is no standard in the IDF's human resources.

In the State of Israel, dropouting is usually done through a profile 21 that is ostensibly divided into "mental" (which is also given to healthy people for the sake of "see and fear", because in relation to the psyche in general, Israeli society is still in the red Stone Age and any "mental diagnosis" is a severe stigma) and "physical", or by not sending recruitment orders and "physical", or by not sending recruitment orders (to Arabs).

For many years, dropouts suffered from social exclusion and deprivation, bearing the "mark of Cain" of "dodgers" or "defects," and this was in fact the political purpose of the act of dropouting – dropouting from the military as the beginning of dropouting from Israeli society and life.

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