( 2008) Meetings

My new meeting with C in 1986, after 7 years, was the beginning of a new series of learning and engaging in the worlds surrounding the human world, which because of the inability to explain them, because of the 'visual impairment' – the same state of limited human brain capacity, as C explains, people tend to call them worlds of 'aliens', even when they are on Earth, or in worlds that do not belong to our normal life dimension in physical space-time.

In this series almost none of the first 'gang' survived. Only "the stolen" Stoly who was usually lazy to emerge from his rooms, and would hardly come, and Zvi who was then in America, and I shared with him in letters what was happening. He had an opinion on things, later I realized he was right. Some of the new people were people C knew, I do not know where, and some came through lectures we organized for him, and at his request we invited people we know who might be interested. Even my dad accompanied me to two or three of the lectures (With lectures of this kind, C continued, with varying frequency, until April 2008). Most of the people did not come for more lectures, the ones that remained were added to the 'C's study second group'.

The nature of the studies was a little different.

In the first series of studies, C shared with us many stories about his time at the High School of Galactic Intelligence and his wars in the Order of the Bright Ray Warriors, and about the external friends he had there. He believed that the day was not far off when they would connect with us and with the knowledge they had we could as John said ‘make the world be as one’ by connecting to the telepathic network and by other extraneous means we would receive from his outsider friends. Gradually, and especially after his arrest, he became less optimistic, and more suspicious especially towards what he called ‘Earth Forces’.
In the second series of studies, he was even more pessimistic, claiming that extraterrestrial affairs were taken over by entities that were hostile to his peers, and that they connected with authorities and 'ranked' capitalists on Earth, and for purposes that were not for the benefit of most human beings. To defend against what is threatening us now, he said, it is even more important than before that we shell learn to connect to the telepathic internet and overcome the fundamental 'visual impairment' we have as human beings on Earth.

Mostly had to be careful those who knew C before, and had some knowledge from him.

C used to say:

"There are those who see, there are those who do not see, there are those who are able to show, in their presence, others see, without their presence, others do not see. It does not mean that they themselves see."

C saw, and was also able to show, is the only one I knew who had both things.

I have already said that during the first series, we could see only in his presence, so we saw the Lifing beings for example.

The new series is designed to teach us, how to see alone, and show.

Therefore, some of the meetings were held without C himself attending.

There were meetings where we did not know in advance about the nature of the task.

And even meetings we did not know in the first place that these were meetings. It took me a while to identify who all the people who belong to the new C's group are, and to realize that my meeting with them is not accidental. I also learned to differentiate between them and others who came ‘accidentally’ so to speak, and did not come on behalf of C. Learning to differentiate between the two was very necessary.

Some of the people in the new group were of the third type, the ones who are able to show, even though they do not see. In fact, any of the meetings that were not notified in advance (C as I have already said refrained from holding a telephone, and only in a few meetings did he announce subsequent meetings), began only when one of these was present. Before that one has arrived, it was not a meeting.

The essence of it all was to learn on our own, to understand a thing from a thing, while maintaining the ability to be in eye-thought-feeling contact with others, to help and be helped by them if necessary.

During these sessions I realized how much the Lifing beings are everywhere, even though C no longer talked about them after he returned.

"The earth is bombarded by them 24 hours a day because they come from stardust" I remembered his words from his first period.

"They have no power as individuals, but in their accumulations that happen every moment, they affect the world, and affect everything that happens. Because humans cannot see them, they are unable to plan anything, in fact."

The events of the following years showed me how true this is.

The studies of the new series were steeped in strenuous walks, exercises to strengthen vision and memory, which made me realize how right Zvi was in the things he wrote to me.

I came to things that C did not tell us, and perhaps he did not know either. And maybe he preferred me to discover them on my own.

Zvi said that "C presents the world before it came as a virgin world in terms of human relationships with the aliens of the higher instances" C changed his mind over time, but "not only was the world not a virgin, we were not virgins either".

At some point I realized, or rather I remembered.

Things have been around since we were little.

Since early childhood I, and others, who knows how many, have been working for some system that is outside the human world, or, human consciousness is too small to be able to describe it, to truly understand it.

I gave my best years and energies, I suddenly realized, for a job I do not know what it is. Even though at different times I thought I did.
Over the years signals connect to signals, signs to signs, connections to connections and still do not have the full map. There may not be such a map either.

I just understand how huge the investment I have made in things is, and how much power there is in them.

But I do not know if there is in my control even one per mille of control of this power, and what was or will be my reward.

No one, and there are others like me who have worked on these things, in their awareness and more so not in their awareness, know when he will get his pay, and if at all.

Based on

Meetings of this kind lasted intensively from 1986-1989, surviving obstacles of intifada and cosmic intifada. Later also there were such meetings, fewer, but they lasted until 2007. Not all the people who started them continued them or were the people who were seen in the other sorts of meetings and you could say that their character was much less social. Besides, there were C lecture sessions designed for a one-time audience, from the 90s (in 1990 I bought the typewriter where I soon started transcribing these lectures of C) until about a month and a half before he disappeared. Since 2006 people started coming after reading my blog, which is one of the reasons he agreed me at all writing about things on the blog. The last meeting was the meeting at Shefa's house, with Meital and the cat Gamliel, to whom one post was dedicated, C did not come to this meeting. Shefa is also linked to another type of meetings in which C was looking for investors and buyers for his 'Rainbow' venture, about which I also wrote a post. Because of the venture he flew many times abroad in the years 1993-2001. Of the original group, only Zvi, "the stolen" Stoli and I survived, but over the years some 'loyal nucleus' has accumulated, centered on a high-tech man who made part of the financial contribution to C. Shefa was his nephew, also a high-tech man. One of the things C believed in was that Earthy high-tech can be merged with the more advanced 'space high-tech', even though its language is one million years ahead of the Earthy high-tech high-tech language. He said this is what those people he warned about and are mentioned in this post, who work together With the 'people of the federation' (who had stole from The Blue and C the ideas associated with connecting to the telepathic internet) are trying to achieve too. According to C we were at this stage in competition with them and he said we are seriously behind them.
C was always careful about 'Earthy globe technology'. Even before cell phones, he never had a phone and about the meetings he always informed us in all sorts of ways, only during the 'Rainbow' period there was a secretary who used to inform us on his behalf about the meetings.
The number of people who knew C and I mean by his real name, greater than I always thought, he was never a lone man. And yet his real name is known to few.

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