Additional passengers

C did not come to the meeting that day, which was like the previous meetings in Shefa's old house on the small street in Jerusalem, where one of the most important people in the in the history of Zionism once lived, after whom streets and places are named. Shefa knew C about ten years earlier when he was abroad, and since moving to Jerusalem he has become an active participant and host of C lectures that have once again begun to take the form of a regular forum.

In fact he was not the only one who did not come, and Shefa himself was surprised because of those who came. Because he understood that C set the next meeting for 'Thursday after the holidays ('Chagim' – in Hebrew it has a meaning of festive days) that is, after Independence Day, which was still perceived by the people at that time, certainly by Shefa, as a festive day. This was at the end of the first decade of the century, a time when Facebook and Twitter did not yet exist. C did not even have a phone, so it was impossible to call him and ask what Thursday he meant, that day, which was after Passover (May 1), or that after Independence Day (May 8, on the evening of Independence Day, or May 15 at all). So they stayed, because if it was today he would still come, and if not, nothing happened, and those who came, stayed and just talked, Gamliel, the gray cat, was also in the room, resting on the knees of Meital, the little Yemenite who recently joined the group, while Yair and Yair ran most evening a debate about ‘truth’ and ‘personal truth’ and the endless question of how much you need to adapt your truth to the surrounding truth, or how much you are allowed to demand from the environment that it connect to your inner truth. One Yair said that in order for you to demand from the environment to adapt itself to your truth, you need to bring evidence. But what is evidence, asked Yair II. I do not know, said the first, something that will catch the others, that will hold them tight, that will give some justification to exist … The second claimed that even out of a desire for friendship you can connect to things, even if they do not 'catch' you. 'But who would want to be your friend, and why' the first answered him … everything felt so like the eighties. That time, before Facebook and Twitter, was even a graded time.

Then Shefa asked to be told about C's return to Earth, that is, what the gang knows, even though there was only one in the room left from the original gang that met C the day he arrived. The one who was left told him about what was, roughly, and Shefa asked 'Are you sure you saw him alone'. 'Yes, at least as far as my memory works.' Then Shefa said that from what he heard, there were others with him who returned to this world on the same flight. Here everyone stopped their business, though Shefa did not speak too loudly, but the acoustics in the room echoed everything. Even Gamliel jumped over Meital's knees and stood in the middle of the room. 'You're crazy,' said Yair the first, 'who else has traveled except C? He was the first and only one to return ','the Walker, he wrote in his blog that a friend and girlfriend who had been kidnapped with him at school traveled with him '. 'Yes, but they were returned alone earlier than C and forgot about the whole thing.' And I, the witness who was there when he returned, again felt that I was being talked about but not with me. More true about something I was in, but they do not really hear me.

Then Shefa said that's what he heard, and that in the '70s guys from Earth were recruited for space wars, and did not tell about it, and maybe some of them came back on a flight of C. 'Oh, it's familiar, have it on conspiracy sites. C said not to believe them '. 'C did not say such a thing' 'he did say'. 'And if he said, then this is it? Have you stopped thinking for yourself? '

'Who did you hear that from, Shefa, can you tell?'

'A close friend who knows … a person I believe in, but he too, I should say, heard it from people who have heard, he is not the first source' Shefa tried to apologize 'I will ask him on occasion, but do not catch me in the word …'

'Maybe we should ask C,' said Meital, who had hitherto been silent. 'At the next encounter'.

But there was no next encounter.

On the way out, Meital and I walked in the same direction, she walked in the direction of the bus stop to Mount Scopus University, I in the direction of the city center. She asked me about the first group of students and asked who else was left. "Zvi, whom you know, and another one, "the stolen" Stoli." She saw Zvi at the previous meeting she attended, where he came during a visit to Israel and it seemed to me that she was a little interested in him. I told her that from the beginning the three of us had a status, so this group saw, of "favorites" for C.
"Have you ever wondered why he chose you?"
"Us, meaning I'm Zvi and Stoli, or the whole group?"
"The whole group."
The truth is that a thousand times we thought about it, what he actually found in us. The answers we gave to this were usually on the scala between – that we were highly intelligent and sensitive, with special visual abilities, etc. and – that we were probably 'weird' and or isolated from mainstream society, and therefore more accessible from the beginning and 'fit' in some way to his plans , Which might not have been liked by the establishment and also by the establishment guys.
Meital thought otherwise. "Maybe you already had some alien touch that he recognized."
I once wrote in a blog about the 'Lindigra' – the last stage C passed as completing his study assignment in the high school of galactic reason. The Lindigra changes something from within, turning whoever passes through it into a new 'creature'. She may have read it on the blog, but I think the very ‘kidnapping’ and journey in other spaces immediately changes the person, in an inexplicable way. Something no doubt changed in us too, as soon as we entered his magnetic field. Every interaction between humans changes the personal magnetic field, especially when it's it's an interaction with someone who's been through abduction and long-distance travel like C went through. But she claimed that we had already gone through this 'change' before, and that's how C recognized in us something he could communicate with. Something in which we are like him. "God has touched him," (נְגָעוֹ אֵל) and us too.
I remembered the dreams from the age of 10 that Zvi always insisted were true, the dreams of 'early recruitment'. Also the kind of 'revelations' that 'Lifers (Lifing beings)' revealed to me about my early childhood, when C put us in a state of seeing 'Lifers', a state that we could never have reconstructed without him. They just gave us back lost images from the unfamiliar time before we learned to talk, and it seemed then that we had a pool of strange, undeciphered memories, from that time, and 'Lifers' interpreted them for us, and even then they were strange. When they were not, I forgot most of these interpretations, but something in these 'lost pictures' has remained with me ever since, and it even seemed that in that year, the last year that C was with us, it even got stronger, especially in his lectures, which that year wore an atmosphere reminiscent of once was.
And I always knew that something in my life, would never be explained by the logic of the earth, and would not be subject to it.

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פורסם על ידי הצועד בנעליו In-his-shoes walker

extraterrestrial sources of knowledge

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