History of the guide C

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1950: C was born in Jerusalem. When he was two years old, his family moved to Haifa
October 1962: C disappears in Quito, Ecuador where his parents are staying as part of an archeological research expedition.
Ecuadorian police believe he perished in the collapse of the school building where he was staying.
In fact, C was abducted by researchers from the High School of Galactic Intelligence in Space, who at that time re-mapped the DNA of intelligent species on Earth.
C became a full-time student at this school.
1968: C enlists in the Order of the Bright Ray and joins a regional cosmic guerrilla led by the entity called The Blue. The Blue offers C to return to Earth and act there to improve the condition of the human race, in order to train it to join the forces of The Blue.
August 31, 1977: C returns to Earth, lands in Israel and recruits his first group of students 'The Punch Band' (."The ranking group of the punch hits parade") and aims to teach them to connect themselves and others to the telepathic internet that exists in space.
November 1978: C is arrested by a body called the 'Earth Defense Police' and held in an airtight room where he is questioned for days about his activities and connections in space, and his beliefs, opinions and loyalty to the country and the human race. After investigators fail to extract 'incriminating' details, he is released and immediately upon release receives a letter in the official envelope of the Ecuadorian government stating that his parents and sister were declared missing in a flood event during a trip on the same date he disappeared from Earth.
May 1979: C, who does not believe the Ecuadorian government's statement, travels there independently to find out what happened to his family. He discovers that the last sign of life from his family came when they entered the police building in Quito to announce his absence. In the following years C resided with Native American communities inI Ecuador and Peru where he researched a hypothesis that Native American communities knew ancient knowledge that originated outside the planet, consistent with the alien knowledge in his possession. At the end of 1985, C returns to Israel.
1986: C establishes a second group of trainees to learn "philosophical and practical things about the universe". This group, unlike its predecessor, does not expect the help of 'The Blue' or any other outside help, and its goal is to preserve the alien knowledge in place on Earth.
1993: C establishes a third group, the "Rainbow", which aims to privately implement telepathic Internet launches of physical bodies out of Earth. C and his teammates are acquiring a small electronic equipment development company in order to use its knowledge and equipment to realize telepathic internet options.
2001: C is forced to close the company, officially due to its inability to meet debt repayments. His students believe he was forced by "Anti-alien authorities" to close the company or that he felt threatened with his life and the lives of other participants if they continued to carry out the activity. During these years he goes underground and his group activities cease.
2005: C receives a broadcast from 'The Blue', his space partner, after 28 years of disconnection. Following this broadcast, he begins to re-gather his students from all eras.
June 8, 2008: C and one of his trainees leave Earth to witness "a cosmic event that repeats itself at rare times since the Big Bang." The trainee returns to Earth after a few months and he says that C has decided, in the meantime, to stay in space.

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