Walking shoes (מנפלאות שירות התרגום של הגוגל)


כך תירגם שירות התרגום המוצע כרגע לצד רשימות גוגל את הפוסט של אתמול:

שם הבלוג מתורגם אגב כHistorion Gay המחץ…

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Final Good Sign

Not just to study, more than it did not just buy it for keeps, that המניאקים small Snsatlo us from age 0 Evatoodoha take any moment to slip back laxity

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על המושמטים:

) Remission (encyclopedia entry)

Omission is a process or processes that compound released young IDF does not want them from the military. Hahashmta to equipment for years, providing "a sign Keane" (stigma) למושמטים causing לקיפוחם ולהדרתם of the society, and this was used as a political Hahashmta of "will Weirau" Gaiebosh The tribe around the goals of the group Hasltat Shastamsha army Cmitus consolidate and sacrifice המושמטים sin offering – scapegoat, and that she died MB unwanted "threat to the existence Haneratib Zionist Moshlt.

The מושמטים, those who process the Hahashmta, divided into two general categories:

מושמטים רצוניים or allegedly רצוניים: who collaborated with Hahashmta process and their wish that, when times are מתומרנים given to him by feeling that they get choice. Possible in this category include those משתמטים is customary to read them or avoid or סרבנים.

מושמטים an רצוניים: מושמטים who do not cooperate with their Hahashmta process, some can not recruit because of inadequate health condition, some מושמטים Biorookrteota for reasons such as surplus power of a person, group affiliation or undesirable (such as groups of "low Akev"e") or non-minorities Unwanted, non-political positions accepted as a given, or the nature of complex or unusual personal afraid that the army take charge of him. Shashmta is also possible as punishment or revenge, the sense of "will Weirau" against persons not revealed sufficient motivation in the process of recruitment.

In the State of Israel is Hahashmta, usually through profile 21 Mathlk E"e Pshi "Ou"eg before" (although recipients may be found between these הבריאים bodies ונפשם, but access Habiorookrtita Hacha"e Ita requires מקריהם classify the types of illness), or delivery orders for the island recruitment (Arabs).

Israeli society whip Umoshltat perception, Haroah military service in the country Trust of expression only criterion quality mental health and human, despite perception that the growing criticism, continues to be Mocatevat the Israeli public through senior politicians, officers and the media, education system and other groups serving the power to the authorities Used as a tool in their hands Hahashmta political social Ledreha has to "unwanted" groups (such as leftists), minorities (mostly Arab) ויחידים not Hataimo Elmaitaus "new Jewish" Zionist establishment, and now do not want to take responsibility for them and help them participate in social discourse (such as poor , Patients and Harigweiota).
המושמטים against stigma and injected, which caused a Shisau with them everywhere, "Qin letter" of people considered or made mental maturity, the ability to take care of others or trust the state, or not mentally stable (if they מושמטים on mental health provisions) or other persons of bad ( If the charges are מושמטים physical health). . Has the tendency to call any המושמטים or a high percentage of them as "משתמטים", which serves the purpose of the creators Hahashmta that it hides the ומצפין some progress.

אט"יפדיה – האנציקלופדיה הגלקטית החופשית At"e ransom – The Free Encyclopedia Haeglkteat

נכתב על ידי Written by , 19/3/2007 12:36 בקטגוריות א"טיפדיה – האנציקלופדיה הגלקטית החופשית , מלח הארץ , 19/3/2007 12:36 categories E"e Ifdyha – The Free Encyclopedia Haeglkteat, salt and ground
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הקטע משוייך לנושא החם: תופעת ההשתמטות מהצבא The period associated with hot topic: The phenomenon of neglect from the army

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